Director: Evan Dennis

A troubled fighter returns to the gym she once called home where a battle with her former trainer and his new fighter is the only path to forgiveness.

Andy Irons: Kissed by God

Directors: Todd Jones and Steve Jones

This is the life story of three-time world champion surfer Andy Irons who died at age 32 from a heart attack with the secondary cause being an acute mixture of drugs. Andy and his brother, Bruce, came from humble beginnings on the small Hawaiian island of Kauai.

*To World Premiere at Hot Docs 2018

All Mistakes Buried

Director: Tim McCann

Best Editor, Boston Film Festival

"All Mistakes Buried" is a feature film about a junkie's surreal journey through the Louisiana underground. Starring Sam Trammell, of 'True Blood' fame.

"But rather than tell its story in a strictly linear way, as an old (or mainstream) film might, "All Mistakes Buried" flashes back and forth through the hero's recent life in a prismatic fashion. The brilliant editing, by McCann and Chris Kursel, is reminiscent of arty 1960s and '70s films that applied the techniques of literary fiction to pulp thriller material.", January '16

Spike Lee Tribute

Client: Ponyshow Entertainment

A video celebrating Spike Lee's Promax Lifetime Achievement Award

Creative Collaboration: Making League of Legends Champions

Director: Daniel Stolzman

A short film about the creative process that leads to new e-sports characters for the biggest online game in the world. 

Wild Horses

Director: Stephanie Martin
Director of Cinematography: Robert Richardson

Best Live Short, Palm Springs International ShortFest

"Wild Horses" tells the story of Mills, an established photographer, who returns to her native Nevada following an urgent call from her grandmother informing her that a band of wild horses close to their hearts, faces government roundup.

Cruelty, courage, love and memory collide as two generations of women bear witness to the brutality common to wild horse roundups in the American West.


Director: Robert Richardson

"Mandible" is a short film directed and shot by Academy Award winner Robert Richardson. Richardson made the film as a promotional piece for the Newport Beach Film Festival.

This was my second collaboration with Richardson. All of the words, graphics and distortions were born out of that collaboration, and handmade by myself.

See the full short here.

Branca's Pitch

Director: Andrew Muscato

"Branca's Pitch" uncovers the controversy behind the homerun famously called "The Shot Heard Round the World," which caused the Brooklyn Dodgers to lose the National League Pennant to the New York Giants. The feature documentary follows 86-year-old Ralph Branca's journey to pen a memoir that finally tells his side of the story.

Baby Faced Assassin

Director: Jona Frank

"Baby Faced Assassin" is a short documentary that tells the story of Paul Butler, a super-flyweight champion boxer from Liverpool.

March of the Living

Director: Jessica Sanders

March of the Living is a feature documentary that follows a group of American teens as they travel to Poland to learn from survivors of the Holocaust.

I created a series of promotional videos for the film, focusing on particular pairs of teens and survivors.

Legends Rising

"Legends Rising" is a six-part documentary miniseries chronicling the lives of the six best League of Legends gamers from around the world.

Watch episodes "History" and "Kings"